I Have Fungus in my Feet. What Natural Remedies Can I Use to Get Rid of it?

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I have fungus in my feet. What natural remedies can I use to get rid of it?

Fungal infections in your feet can be very annoying and difficult to treat at times, becoming a real problem for people who have to get to places and do things. Total pain and discomfort, skin coming off every now and then and constant itching that you cannot be scratching every five minutes; these are all things you should not be dealing with day by day because of a fungal infection. Still, there is good news, after understanding what getting fungus in your feet means and seeing the different ways you can treat it and prevent it; you will see how easily you have dealt with this minor setback in life

What are feet funguses? What is the most common kind?

foot_fungusFungi that grow in hot, moist places, these funguses take their homes to your feet and cause itching, redness, peeling of the skin, blisters and an annoying burning sensation.

The most common kind of these is Athlete’s foot, an infection that can be found in socks and shoes the most but also in public places where people walk barefoot like pools and locker rooms. Caused by dead tissue on toenails and outer skin layers, Athlete’s foot begins to really affect your feet all of a sudden and without warning, causing scaling, blisters, cracks and burning in them.
What can you do?

A good prevention for these fungi is getting baking soda in your socks or shoes, which kills nay beginnings of it quickly. If you are already affected by the fungi, you can just as well use the same baking soda and apply it to the area of discomfort. Generally used as a paste and left on for an hour or so, it is a cheap and easy way to get rid of these fungi. It gets rid of the itching and burning and works better if followed by cornstarch or powder and a nice foot soak in clean, warm water.

You could buy cream or powder for these kinds of things but this is much better economically in the long run and very accessible as well. Also dry your feet after showers and wear clean socks for better prevention.

Some other natural remedies you can try are apple cider vinegar, applying it daily along with water, tea tree oil with olive oil, garlic, which can also be mixed with the olive oil for better results, and try to never walk barefoot since it only opens up the door for another opportunity of getting it.

A much recommended homemade remedy for this foot infection is garlic mixed with olive oil, or coconut oil. You need to smash the garlic really well, add it to the oil and then apply it to the infected area. Make sure to clean the foot very well, if cleaned with vinegar, even better. But also antibacterial soap will work as well.

Regular Clorox has also been proven to cure feet infections; you need to be very careful as it can be intoxicating. The way you should use regular Clorox is as follows: In a dispenser as shown in the photo, put some of it. Before going into the shower apply a few drops to the affected area. Let it sit for a good 10 minutes, shower and make sure wash and dry your feet really well.50ml_pet_eye_drop_bottle_634556813789648621_3

Sodium Bicarbonate is one of my favorite homemade remedies to cure any feet fungus affections. Mix baking soda with vinegar and salt in hot water and soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Also, baking soda can be applied directly to your affected area, just wet your feet and sparkle the powder.

2738bde9adc97d17_baking_soda.xxxlarge_2xThere’s other homemade remedies you can try: Vicks VapoRup, Peroxide mixed with baking soda or Bleach and  Vinegar mixed with salt.

Remember that as already mentioned, feet should be kept clean and dry. When working in places where you need to wear shoes at all the time you need to let your feet breathe so try to do it when you are in your lunch break.

The fight with foot fungi should only be won once and never repeated. Keep these tips and remedies at hand for any discomfort or symptom you could experience to beat it down before it gets worse, or if it’s already bad, to get it better in days. Just make sure you do not let it go untreated since it will only get more annoying and stop you from enjoying walks and what not.

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