Find Out if Coffee is Harming your Stomach

Is Coffee Harming your Stomach?

The average cup of Joe would seem harmless to any passer by. Why, if half of the North American population drinks it three times a day, how could you possibly believe it could harm you? Now, while coffee may be beneficial for a long day of work or pulling an all-nighter every once in a while. What really kills you is the constancy of your coffee drinking and the amount you drink.

A cup of coffee interferes with your nervous system for the most part taking the place of adenosine in your brain and keeping you from growing drowsy. However, it does interfere with your digestive tract. This includes your intestines as a laxative agent, interfering with your GABA impeding your intestines to calm down but it mainly interferes with your stomach.

For starters, without any former hereditary stomach ailments in your family passed down, a healthy person can come down with heartburn with a cup of coffee. The reason is simple: it is acid and the darker you drink it the more acid it gets. Coffee usually ranges from a three to a four in the PH scale and this amount of acidity will induce the valve that intercedes between your stomach and esophagus to malfunction resulting in gastric reflux.

Coffee can also worsen the condition of people that suffer from gastritis and ulcers as well as weaken the mucus on the walls of your stomach over long periods of time. For the same reasons it induces gastric reflux it can worsen the condition of people with the aforementioned stomach illnesses. If you’re still inclined to drink coffee despite knowing the damage it can cause some ways to diminish the chances of health problems are:

Drinking it with milk or cream

Brew it lighter

Reduce the intake

Reduce the amount of times you drink

Coffee side effects, caffeine addiction, and withdrawals

I know we all love this coffee in all the ways it is prepared, but it is good to know that down side to it.

This study can be confusing but it has some good information that might help you decide if you are drinking too much of the black life elixir.

Hope this has been of your aid. Drink up!