Get the hours of sleep your body deserves

Get the hours of sleep your body deserves

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The average teenager, college student and office worker gets between four to six hours of sleep every night and depend thoroughly on boosters like coffee and afternoon naps to work properly. A large portion of society has begun to neglect just what a big difference it is on their bodies, progress and well being to get enough sleep. They think that because they can wake up after four or six hours of sleep that they can continue like this forever and no real consequence will come of it. That is where they are wrong though.

The required amount of sleep that you should be getting every night is seven hours, preferably more if possible, especially if you are a growing teenager or going through a disease. Sleep lets the body fully rest and be prepared for all that is to come in the next day. So why do we neglect sleep so much? Many of us deal with large activities and tasks to carry out daily at school or for our bosses and have little time for what we want to do or just rest.

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A lot of people tend to do what they like late into the night even though they know it’s harmful and that they could do that some other time. Our favorite thing to do right now is browse through our phone, losing countless hour to pictures about cats or tweets by famous people when it’s not like it’s going to go anywhere.

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Getting enough sleep lets you focus, be ready for fast changes or unexpected events and feel active in the world around you. Not getting enough sleep on the other land makes you feel detached, drowsy, unnerved, and cranky and thoughts will escape you continually, sometimes making remembering things hard.

Causing endless accidents, lowering your defenses, leading to bigger problems with your heart and blood pressure, and sometimes even causing weight gain and micro sleep attacks in which you are not conscious you are even asleep at any moment during the day, losing sleep over anything or anyone really is not worth it.

So what do you do? After the sleep schedule is altered and different hours apply for every day, readjusting again can take some time, sometimes even up to 3 months. This does not mean it is impossible though and it is never too late to revert back to a good and healthy amount of sleep. Some people have gone back to having 8 hours of sleep a night and feeling wonderful every morning after getting rid of their long job or stress related problems. Readjusting may take longer for some people, always depending on their scenario and willingness but it is possible.

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