How to know if they are interested in you

Single people will know the continuous struggle of trying to know if someone likes you or not. Maybe it was society and it’s known unwritten rules, or maybe it’s just that we cannot communicate what we feel or know to be true because of shyness of feeling too pushy, but either way, getting someone to know you like them or knowing that they like you is always hard.

As soon as the cooties stages dissipate in our lives, the ongoing journey of finding out who has a crush on who and what to do about it begins. Soon enough, most of our nights are spent thinking about a special someone and trying to figure out if you can tell them you’re interested in them and how they would react. To help out with this mind puzzle of sorts I have devised a list of some of the most common signs to look out for to know if he or she is interested in you.

If she’s Interested

Girls can be somewhat confusing without meaning to, and at times send very clear messages that guys just don’t receive as they were expected to. The way a woman tells or lets it be known that she wants to have something with a guy will always be very discrete, but mostly detectable if you are looking out for these kinds of things.

  • They get touchy: No, they won’t be all over you since that would be a lack of etiquette and self-respect if they did that. But they will touch you and have physical contact with you. Even if it is just a graze of the knees or a bump with the shoulders, all women are conscious of these little moments, mostly causing them. One really common one is putting their hands on your knees or getting their seat closer to you while they talk. They want you to understand that they are there to listen and that they want you at the moment. Now, this is not a 100% accurate action, but just a lead to more things. This means some girls can be touchy but not mean anything by it while others want you to get the picture and act on it. This will become clearer if you see the other signs.
  • They will look into your eyes: This one is a key factor that is most predominant in women. Not only will they try to keep eye contact but their eyes will also dilate when they are talking to you. The dilation of the pupils can mean many things, but many of these messages are positive and generally hold the meaning of interest and attention.


She’ll laugh more: Many studies show that when a girl wants a guy to like her back she will smile and laugh more. Something else that goes hand in hand with this is her voice. It will become of a higher pitch when they are around someone they like. The brain is trying to make her more desirable and amusing to the man, adjusting her smile and sense of humor just a tad or so. Meaning if a girl is constantly laughing and sharing smiles between you she generally likes your company.

  • They will study you: From things like remembering your music taste and what kind of sports you’re into, women will constantly find out all these things about you and keep it stored. After they get some information and share a couple conversations with you, they’ll try to let you know that they cared and share it back with you. Some ways of them doing this is sending you a link to something that you shared with them or anything she thinks you would like. She wants you to understand that she’s listening and wants to know more.

They will find a reason to talk and be together: It could be anything, but women will attempt to start the conversation every now and then after they have had some sort of confirmation that you are interested in them. They will make up something or ideally come to you with something serious so you can have a moment alone and just talk. Women care deeply about your opinion about them, physically and emotionally.

If he’s Interested

Guys are somewhat unpredictable but generally direct and easier to read when it comes to these kinds of things. It could be their physical behavior or how they talk to you but most actions conclude in the idea that they want you and that’s it. Some of these things could be small little details or big, repeated actions that will tell you if he is the right guy.

  • You will be able to tell he’s nervous: He’ll tug at his sleeves, he’ll breathe in deeply and he will smile widely as he tries to get the right words out. He does not want to mess up or make you feel scared or uncomfortable. Still, he can’t help feeling excited about talking to you and wanting more of you. He will try to outdo himself with clothing and preparation, always aiming for perfection. He wants you to know he puts thought into what he does for you and that he’s never sure he’s doing the right thing but he’s trying.
  • He’ll definitely try to impress you: With tiny stories or invigorating traits, guys always think they need to achieve something to make sure they get a good impression. It will almost always be a ridiculous stunt or a little act put together by him and his friends, but he needs assurance you think he’s cool and interesting.
  • He’ll treat you different: Guys start getting protective and Prince Charming like when they are interested, always having a change in mood and way of directing themselves, may it be they are talking to you alone or if you are close enough to hear or see.
  • He’ll imitate you every now and then: Guys want to understand your world with all its cooks and crannies, aiming to see how you work and why you work that way. More often than not, this will lead him to mimic your gestures and way of thought, trying to get in your shoes in a slightly more focused and subconscious way.
  • He will compliment you: Maybe he’ll try to come up with something witty or he will speak his heart by accident, but guys can’t help and let you know what they think of you. Funny, smart, beautiful and amazing are usually the adjectives found in these compliments and they aim only for truth at this point. That is what they see in you.

People can be confusing with all these different signals and message but their ultimate goal is to feel wanted, cared for and loved. Some of us let this be known in different ways and always wish to not seem too needy or desperate. In cases like that we have to help each other out, trying to see if there are any signs or messages left behind by them. You can also just cut out the middle man and tell them you are interested and would like to know if you are interested too. It is an alternate take on all this but it does save up some time. Yet, looking for the signs and finding out little by little can be too cute to stand too. It all depends on the scenario and the people involved. The decision on how to go about all this will come naturally to them.