Caring for our Skin: Things We Need to Start Avoiding

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Caring for our Skin: Things We Need to Start Avoiding

There are many enemies and heroes in this world. As any aspect in life, we will always find things that harm us to great extents while other things benefit us greatly. This concept can apply easily to what we know as skin. The largest organ in our body, it is in charge of the constant care and protection of our body from a huge group of opponents. Although we know most of them and try to stay away from them as much as possible, there are some factors we still do not know the dangers of.

Our skin is in charge of giving us a premonition or foretelling of what our body could experience and what it could be lacking. This is why giving it the attention it deserves could greatly impact us later on. The small little activities or issues could entirely change the way our skin looks and feels. The damage is always reversible to some extent though and we should aim to understand these debilitating things so we can address them properly and take better care of ourselves.

There are many diverse groups that may seem harmless or even needed at first. At the end of the day, the conclusion is that we should stay away from them at a certain extent. Among these things we can find the following:

soap bubbles

  • Soap: We have grown to become a very clean species. We love taking showers, baths, and spa days and so on so forth. Something we are not aware of though, is that this practice can become extremely harmful or hurtful to the skin. Our body generally produces or keeps germs and bacteria that are good for it. These can aid the immune system or really any part of the body in specific areas of our health. That is why getting rid of them constantly can make us weak and fragile. The skin also becomes frail if faced with constant and large amounts of water and soap. That is why we should try to keep our cleaning habits to the needed minimum. We should wash our hands when we need to and the whole body at least once a day.
  • Not Enough Rest: It is a known statistic that a large majority of the populace only sleeps 5-6 hours. Why? There is too much they need to do and want to do. Every day is a constant struggle of balance and inner quarrels to see what you can get done and just how much of it you can get done. This should not be a valid excuse on losing sleep! We only lose a good night of rest and stay in late so why not just go to bed early anyways? The bags under our eyes and the flushed out color of our skin is not a great look or feeling so let’s try to avoid it altogether.

cleaning supplies

  • Cleaning Products: Every time we clean we normally ignore all healthy precautions and labels found on the products we use. Well, they are there for a reason. Many people have suffered from skin complications or problems after dealing with large amounts of cleansing utensils without the proper protection. Of course using them and getting some on you is not terrible but large amounts are sure to do significant damage. Clorox and carpet cleaner are the worst offenders, giving the skin a terrible look and feel to it, at times even creating terrible irritation that lasts a day or two.
  • Clothing: Yes, even the clothing on our backs should be revised with care before being bought and used; we all have different skin that reacts in different ways. That is why the material our shirts and pants are made off can produce alternate changes on everyone. The most natural types of fabric like cotton are the ones that should be searched for the most. The chemically produced so as to they are easy to wash and stain resistant like Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Acetates and so on should be avoided at best. Of course you will not be able to neglect all of them since many things are made with them today but the least possible the better.
  • Dehydration: This affects your whole body so it should be a given that your skin takes a great toll when you don’t drink the amounts you should be drinking. Schedules and activities usually take our attention throughout the day and make us ignore the true importance of the water our body need direly. The only solution to this problem? Drinking more water! Get a bottle, a reminder, and alarms, really anything you have to do to pay attention to how many liquids you are getting every day. They have an amazing impact on how you look and feel so why not try to get as much as you can?

  • The Sun: It is true we constantly need a natural source of Vitamin D that is mostly found in fruits and the sun but we should not get in the way of its rays for long periods of time. The ultraviolet rays are known to be superfluously harmful and should be avoided as best as possible. Many people don’t even know all the damage that is caused onto the skin until it is far too late and their faces are all wrinkled up. Just make sure to try to get some sun every day but never be out too long without proper sun block and protection.

Good Skin Care

  • Hazards from Work or Activities: You would be amazed as to how many toxic materials are right in your very house right now. There is exercised control as to how much a person can get or be in harm’s way of. There are also some precautions you can take when dealing with anything you do not know the components of. A great example is changing the printer cartridges in the office. If anything you should always be wearing gloves at the very least when dealing with them. Some at best will only be cumbersome while others can be extremely hazardous. Just remember to practice safety for your well being and the others around you.

There are many things to be careful or even afraid of when going through life but it serves no purpose to be more than precarious about them. Fear and overall anxiety will only diminish our enjoyment of our day anyways. Our skin should have our attention and care at the very least since it’s the most important defense that we depend on.