I Barely Drink Water. How Much Water Should I be Drinking?

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A good 60% of our body is composed by water, giving us a general idea of just how important it is to consume as much water is needed every day. Most people barely get a good 4 or 5 cups of water every day. In reality, a healthy amount is around 8 to 9 glasses of water. Even though this is the recommended quantity, countless adults neglect water since it is harder to get or remember to drink. They would rather buy a soda or a juice whenever they go have a meal or something of the sort. Yet, this does not take away the high importance that water has in our lives.

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Water has great benefits to it that we are not really conscious of. It aids our organs, tasks like digestion and getting rid of toxins; it makes you healthier and your immune system stronger and can even help you lose weight. It accelerates anything in your body and makes it work at full efficiency so why have we stopped drinking water so much? What I suggest for now is that we all carry around our own water bottles with us everywhere and keep a small schedule on how much water we consume daily, even by activities and what not. We can’t continue ignoring water for sugary beverages any longer just because those are more accessible.

Water fights migraines, protects our joints, aids in our struggle with diseases, risks of cancer and dehydration and is the best drink for making us feel energized and alive. Do not let mass produced drinks take over waters position in your life. It is a natural drink that benefits every area of our body. To be true to the topic though, don’t just drink water though as it has many more profits in exercise and improving the state of your life. Go for a good swim in a nearby lake or beach and take your water bottle with you. Maybe try to live on a diet with only natural juices and water as well.

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The point of all this is water cannot be substituted. You will always need it and trying to make soda and sugary juice your basis will never be healthy or recommended. Get a lot of water in you every day and keep little reminders about it everywhere. I can understand forgetting to drink enough water because of all the things one has to do every day so don’t let yourself forget. It’s important and you need to make it a big part of your life right now. You will improve drastically if you do so, take my word for it.

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