Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

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Everyone says it, but is it really true? Breakfast, the first meal and the beginning of your day is highly influential in your body and mood. Most people don’t have breakfast for one of two reasons: No time or trying to lose weight. The thing about both of these factors is that neither of them has relevance and should never be considered a good excuse to not have breakfast.

First of all, you have to try to make time for this meal. It works along with the natural clock of the body and gives you nutrients and energy that lets you keep going through the day without having to waste so much energy. Next, not having breakfast actually raises the risk of getting fatter. One or two meals a day is a small amount of calories and your body runs on calories so not giving it enough in good portions makes the brain thinks it has to save some for later, which in turn becomes stored fat.

This does not mean you can have bigger meals either because it does not increase metabolisms speed but rather stifles it. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner with different sources and nutrients allows your body to run smoother and with more energy than if you were to ignore any of these meals. Vitamins, minerals and nutrients are required for every organ and system to do their job efficiently and having these three meals almost guarantees it.

What else do you get from Breakfast?

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography

Even though it is needed for a good start of your long day and for the nutrition it gives to your body, it has some other effects a lot of people don’t consider. This can be more strength and endurance to practice sports, activities and hobbies after work and what not, letting you enjoy all your hours at their fullest extent. Having breakfast also leads to lower cholesterol levels, concentration and coordination. This is a byproduct of your body having everything it requires, allowing it to do its tasks a lot quicker than usual. Your brain is more alert and efficient, solving problems and finding new ways to do the tasks you do all the time.

If you want a long and happy life, you have to make breakfast a natural part of your schedule and never ignore it. Reducing many possibilities of sicknesses or chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, having breakfast is giving your older self a better chance at still being able to have fun and relax with family without worrying so much about pills and control over what you are eating with the.

Its healthy, it’s good for you and you develop a lot better if you have three square meals every day. So don’t cut breakfast out because you need it just as much as you need lunch and dinner. Also try getting good amounts of vitamins during breakfast since it makes that energy boost that much stronger! Eat breakfast and stay healthy!

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