How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

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Our world is continually changing. With every change, we adapt and try to make the best out of our situation. We usually do a good job at this since different scenarios and unexpected events happen all the time and we just have to find a way to deal with all of it. Yet, there are times that we cannot even fathom being able to work around the situation and fall into anxiety and stress. At times being a minor inconvenience of the mind, it can turn into a serious problem that we cannot run away from.

Anxiety is the natural feeling of despair and nervousness when not meeting up to expectations or awaiting to fail at something. It is normally paired with shyness and an inability to face things with a positive attitude since one feels that everything seems to go horribly wrong around them. In the other hand, stress is the mind preparing for change and attempting to adapt, beginning to fill the body with nervousness so as to assure that we do a good job or screw up.

This can lead to panic, utter distress and uncomfortably large amounts of nervousness if not handled properly. The fear of failure is all too real now a day, no matter the safety nets put around us. Either we care about failing and lose sleep over it or we don’t and we lose opportunities because of it. We have learned to work efficiently because we are afraid of not doing a good job or missing the mark. This is not how life should be lived. Uneasiness and stress are a normal part of our days but we should try to reduce it as much as we possibly can. Dealing with anxiety can be hard and at times an endless struggle, but it is still a fight we need to have.

There are ways to decrease and diminish the stress that is affecting you, and quite a lot of them. Basing themselves on relaxation and much needed rest, these are some things you have to do when you find yourself surrounded by change and agitation. These are the best ways to deal with anxiety:

  • Do some yoga: As much as people think contorting their body into weird and uncomfortable shapes is all that yoga is about but there is much more to it. Bringing peace to the mind and health to the body. Stretching gives muscles vitality and endurance and the peaceful music and breathing that accompanies the stretches is also quite great. Yoga has had quite a lot of research on it and its benefits for our well being and ease and every single time, we have come to the conclusion that it works wonders.


  • Play Video Games: This might not be a solution for everyone but it is still quite healthy and worth a shot. Although most people believe that anyone who plays video games is somewhat childish and at times violent when in reality these ideas and stereotypes are all wrong. Video games are very helpful for brain cognition, attention span and releasing tension. Whenever you feel that everything is falling apart, a good break into a shooter or RPG will allow you to take out pent up anger on something else and be productive while doing so. If you just need a short break from what is going on around you, a small casual game like Clash of Clans will let you play for a while without being all too time consuming, thus giving you a small battle, a short boost of fun and a mind at ease ready to keep dealing with real life. Too much of this can be harmful, I will acknowledge that but gamers can control themselves and usually only immerse themselves fully in their games when everything else is not working right.

  • Talk to people: It is absolutely imperative to let out whatever is going on in your life and if possible get some feedback while you are at it. People all around the world are available to listen and to aid you in whatever is troubling you, may it be through posts or blogs speaking about their own experiences and how they dealt with it. Family and friends are also always there too with their own thoughts and personalities. It is healthy and needed to speak and to listen to others as well since it creates bonds between you and others, strengthening your mind and positive outlook on life.
  • Realize that you are in control: Many people fear that one misstep or one false move could create a large and unmitigated disaster that will ruin their lives and professional careers forever, leaving them with no hope for a new beginning. This is almost never the case though. People all can get second chances, different opportunities, and a vast array of doors opened to them if they persist and work hard enough. You just have to accept that whatever happens, happens and that is all to it. There was nothing else you could have done or thought of and coming to terms with it is the best way to start feeling good about yourself and your future again.
  • Get away from what stresses you: This cannot be stressed enough. Ahh sometimes I can be funny. Anyhow, there is no need to stick around something or someone that is only harming you and your well being. There will come a time when your health of body and mind begins to deteriorate rapidly if you do not do something about it. No job or person is worth being around you if all they do is worry you to death and stop you from enjoying other things. There are cases where you will think that if you withstand whatever it is for long enough, you will be able to move on and be happy but this is not true. Persistence does not mean be unhappy now to be happy later. It means make the best of now so you can be around later. You are living in the present and as such should be enjoying it.

  • Eat healthy and plenty: A good amount of nutrients is needed for your body to keep going against anything that is thrown at it. This is to say, getting a lot of food with all the things you need to feel energized and ready to fight the world is imperative.


  • Sleep 8-9 hours: Rest is the best natural remedy that there exists. It lets everything in your body cool down completely and feel ready to begin anew the next day. Not getting enough of it will only leave you cranky and depressed.
  • Laugh and smile: Doing so lets your body begin to feel happy and fulfilled so a good dose of it should be consumed every now and then. What I mean by this is that you should watch something you enjoy or laugh at like a good TV show or comedian since it will impact greatly on how you feel.

Even though we can never fully get rid of all the things that are haunting us and stressing us out, we can take a breather, relax and come back renewed to fight again. Life is not about one time opportunities or failure. It is about living it and doing so happily so do not let things like stress and anxiety stand in the way of that.

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