Parsley: Therapeudic Delight For the Body

Health 2015-10-14 1153

Let’s be real, everybody tries to be healthy at a certain degree. It all depends on what we have surrounding us and how much time and money we have to be healthy. It has gotten expensive throughout the years and many of us are not excited about our life revolving around a diet that costs more than the fat obtained from it.

Because of the inability to prepare healthy meals due to a lack of time in our schedules and the unwillingess to strive for a longer life no matter the price, we have ignored many amazing and cheap herbs and plants that we could greatly benefit from.

One of the most outstanding ones of the group is parsley. An herb rich in medicinal attributes and exquisite taste, it is mostly used as a condiment in some restaurants and usually goes unnoticed by the public. The benefits that parsely has should not be ignored though as it is considered one, if not the healthiest, herb you could possibly consume. Hard to believe that not that many people speak about it right?

I want to start off explaining all the amazing things you get when you include parsley in your diet. You better get ready because this is no short list. The benefits found in this herb are:


  • An unbelievable antiseptic: Known to be used in the past to tend to open wounds and prevent infection and what not, parsley is great for fighting bacteria and allowing for a full recovery. It really does not matter what part of the plant you use too since any leaf, root or stem can be used to make an antiseptic, not like most of the other herbs which need to be extracted to really be useful, at least in this area.
  • It has an extensive arsenal of nutrients your body constantly craves: There are fruit, vegetables, meats, wheats and so on so forth right? Now, each of these usually contain some antioxidants, maybe a couple minerals and perhaps some vitamins. We constantly buy supplements for most of these though since we cannot find enough of them in our meals and would rather just get them quick and efficiently in a pill. Now, you should see the nutrients parsely holds so that you can understand just what a great aid it is for the body. It has a fairly low amount of fat and cholesterol so no worries on how much you consume there. It is regarded as one of the best sources for antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Yeah you read that right, all three of those groups can be found in this herb.I can also assure you that with all the different ways you can prepare and cook parsely, it should definitely taste better than those pills you have to buy for nutrients and vitamins.

  • It is a great help in the fight of many diseases: Doctors will most likely recommend us a good diet and give us a pill prescription after any check up or visit if there is anything our body is lacking. They and we want to have our bodies in top notch performance so they can fight anything that comes our way. Yet, sometimes sickness will strike and we will only have the choice to find a way to deal with it and heal. Some of these sicknesses are provoked by a lack of something in our body. This means that if we can supply whatever is missing then we can start getting better. This is where parsley comes in again and saves the day. Thanks to the many nutrients it holds, the herb can help in the treatment of conditions like anemia and arthritis, just to mention a few. I assure you the common cold and fever will dissipate in a few hours if you get some parsley tea in you.
  • It even helps in hair growth!: I could not imagine there being anything else parsley could do to help, but of course, there is more. If made a paste and applied to the scalp, it is said to promote the strength, glow and well being of your hair. This could even potentially aid people facing baldness since the paste will give the follicles all the things it needs to start holding hair in place and letting it grow big and healthy. It’s worth a shot if anything and could be better than most tonics out there.
  • Helps women going through menstrual pain: Many women suffer through great bouts of pain when dealing with the menstrual cycle. Maybe a little parsley tea could help with that. It eases the flow of things and makes your body stronger and more able to deal with all the changes and hormonal imbalances you could face.


As amazing as this herb is and as much as I encourage you to include it in your diet, it is necessary to remember that consuming too much of this herb could be potentially harmfull. A good reminder would be to never eat this while pregnant or breastfeeding a child. Parsley tends to make childbirth easier so taking any of it while pregnant could induce early labor or an abortion. The child can still be affected by the herb so it is best to not eat it while breastfeeding the kid.

People with inflammatory kidney disease should also be careful when eating or consuming parsley since it could cause stones to form in the kidneys, which is known exactly as the definition states, as kidney stones.

The oil is probably the one thing most people should stay away from. There are only some rare cases in which the oil is highly useful but in most occasions it is just lethal or toxic. The best way to consume parsley is through recipes for food and through the aid of experts when trying to use its many benefits to fight a disease. Some people could suffer from a backlash when using great amounts of it if they are not watchful or their medical history and what not so always proceed with caution in that area.

After all is said and done though, parsely is really an amazing herb that we should try to consume every now and then, may it be as a delicious tea or as a component in our favorite food. Anything said above about safety and health precautions should be taken seriously but never as a prevention to actually having it in our life. Consulting a doctor can be a great and ideal step if you want to try anything different or somewhat big. You have to remember that the uses for parsley are still growing and we are still finding out many things about it every day so there is still no reached verdict as to just how much it can do for you and your condition of life. Just make sure you are enjoying its usage and that it will not become harmful to you as you take it. Other than that, be happy and explore the many wonders of this herb! Maybe include some friends and family in this too, everyone can benefit from it after all.