I Have Always Wanted to Meditate but I Find it so Hard to Focus. What Should I Do?

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Meditation is the release of anything cumbersome or irritating and getting a breather after being under stress for really long. Because many people that go towards meditation and relaxation techniques come from a world filled with tight schedules and high expectations to be met, most expect the meditation to work right away and make them feel totally at ease when that is not how it works.

To sit down and meditate, one must come prepared to leave everything behind for the time that they are meditating. That means that it is just going to be them and their breathing. No problems, no mortgage, no debt, no discussion, just breathing.

As a newcomer to meditation, you cannot expect to fall into a deep trance and find peace right away. It is after all a journey that you take on your own and at a slow pace. You need to have a set goal of peace and inner strength when meditating and should only focus on that the whole time through.

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Something else that should be noted is where you are meditating since ambience noise can really affect how well you do. The sounds that unnerve, the noise surrounding you, it should all be gone while you meditate in time, but when you are first beginning it is always great to already be in a completely quiet place.

Also make sure that you are comfortable. You are going to stay in that same position for a long time and cannot keep shifting and moving around all the time. What a lot of people do is sit with their legs crossed in a comfortable mattress or space where wind is around them but not all too strong and have their arms resting at their sides. You can experiment with this and see what works best for you.

The biggest strain many face is focusing on the emptying of the mind. There is a key to this that everyone forgets and beginners do not think of. It has been said by countless before me and will continue being said into the future.

The key is to think of nothing. This does not mean to think nothing, or to focus on the phrase, “don’t think about anything”, but rather to just do it. The first couple of times you meditate, keeping your mind empty and simply breathing will be hard but it gets easier with practice and time.

Make sure that whenever you begin to meditate you actually wish to do so. Never force yourself to meditate since the body and mind will be agitated and out of place. A practice that I see that works for many is to have a guiding voice that helps them with steps on how to focus on their breathing and their emotions.

A big selection of meditation tapes can be found uploaded to YouTube if you want to try that. Whatever you do, always focus on getting detached from all the worries, letting go and being on your own for a little while. It is truly a magical thing.

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