The 25 most Uncommon Phobias, Have you Heard of Them?

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The 25 most Uncommon Phobias, Have you Heard of Them?

Uncommon Phobias

We can understand certain phobias. What I mean by this is that at some level, we can see why someone would fear something so much that they could have a panic attack or suffer from severe anxiety when in close proximity to it.

There are some other things though that make no sense to the general public but still scare a small group enough for this to happen. These “illogical” fears are still very real and can damage the way a person lives their life a great deal. Here are 25 of the most uncommon phobias shared around the world by a small percentage of people:

  1. Globophobia: This is the irrational fear of balloons, specifically the popping of one of them. Originating in a person because of a traumatic experience with a balloon as a child, they will run away if they feel, hear or even smell a balloon.
  2. Ancraophobia: The fear of wind, this one was really shocking to learn of. Mainly surrounding any activity that has to do with wind, may it be climate change, rain, or a large storm, people suffering from this phobia also had to go through a traumatic experience as a child to get it.
  3. Omphalophobia: The fear of bellybuttons, this could be directed towards their own or other peoples bellybuttons, feeling total disgust and horror when seeing one.
  4. Hylophobia: I don’t think anyone would be able to enjoy a peaceful walk in a park or live in a wooden house with this phobia since it is the fear of wood, trees and forests.
  5. Turophobia: Most common in lactose intolerant and old people, this is the fear of cheese. I would not be able to live without cheese in my sandwich but they simply cannot stand it at all.fears-and-phobias
  6. Anthophobia: Someone must have really had a terrible experience to suffer from this phobia. It is the dreading of flowers, their smell, and appearance and so on so forth.
  7. Ephebiphobia: I can understand this one since kids and teenagers can be somewhat scary every now and then. This is the fear of youth and is generally accompanied by negative stereotypes and discrimination of all young children.
  8. Haphephobia: This is the fear of being touched, usually by people and almost always of the different gender. It freezes the person up or at times just cries and shakes.
  9. Doraphobia: Going almost hand in hand with haphephobia, this is the fear of touching animals, may it be their skin or fur.
  10. Eremophobia: An utterly destructing fear and dread of being alone, most common in teenagers and young adults.
  11. Nomophobia: Also most common in the group mentioned above, it is the phobia of being out of contact or mobile coverage.

ID-100293070Taphephobia: Caused by being in a closed space for too long just like claustrophobia, this is the fear of being buried alive.

  1. Phobophobia: Amazingly enough, it is the fear of having a fear, thus being a fear. Quite confusing stuff really.
  2. Didaskaleinophobia: A fear most common in toddlers and young children with bad social skills, it is the phobia of going to school.
  3. Soceraphobia: I actually thought this was very common but the statistics show that it really isn’t. It is the fear of your in-laws.
  4. Euphobia: Highly uncommon, it is the fear of hearing good news. This horror is only shared in people that enjoy the dark and terrible things in life and want nothing good for them. There are moments when because of unworthiness or a bad self image, people will think they do not deserve good news.
  5. Venustraphobia: Very common in people that already suffer from severe social anxiety, it is the fear of beautiful women. This is usually only found in guys but can occur to girls too.
  6. Vestiophobia: People with this phobia will like walking around naked quite a lot since it is the fear of wearing clothes.
  7. Somniphobia: Paired with nightmares or sleep disorders, it is the constant and relentless fear of falling asleep. It is most common in young children and adults that lead a stressful life.
  8. Pogonophobia: A fear most common in women, it is the phobia of beards. I guess their husbands will not be allowed to let theirs grow much.
  9. Trypophobia: Actually one of the most common ones here, it is the fear of holes. It is produced when in a traumatic experience as a child, perhaps falling into one and not being able to climb out.
  10. Scriptophobia: The fear that stops us from doing our homework in public, it is the fear of writing in public places.
  11. Sanguivoriphobia: One fear that has decreased greatly with the years and the release of Twilight, it is the phobia of vampires.
  12. Alliumphobia: This would probably be most common in vampires if they existed since it is the fear of garlic. Characterized by great panic attacks that can be produced by the smell alone, people also get dizzy, are unable to breathe and actually feel like they are dying when in contact with it.
  13. Hippotomonstrosesquisedaliophobia: One irrational fear and a name that accompanies it ironically, it is the phobia of very large words. I guess whoever came up with the term for it was either trying to have a good laugh or wanted to be extremely technical.

These fears are construed as weird and unusual but still affect enough people that they have become actual, documented phobias with their own set of causes, diagnosis and treatments. They all deserve their respect and understanding as much as we will not always get why someone would fear these things. We are all different and go through singular things so it is perfectly natural that we fear diverse things too.

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