Honey: The Mix that is Nutritious and Delightful

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Honey, health and beauty benefits

There are many things we do to keep our body and mind in the best shape possible. We like feeling healthy and try anything that we think or feel that might help us in achieving that feeling. This means exercises, tea, relaxation, yoga, trips, breaks, romance, comedy and much more. The biggest factor in our well being right after our state of mind is what we eat. The nutrients we get and how much we consume of what we need and do not need is what makes our bodies’ look and feel the way that they do.

Consuming a diet of greens, vegetables, fruits and healthy portions of fat, cholesterol and what not are what usually produce a healthy and responsive body which we can further shape with exercise and dedication. On the other hand, eating large amounts of fats and cholesterol and not moving much will most likely lead to a very unhealthy life. We form ourselves through food which is why what we consume holds a very important role in what we look and feel like. This is why we work and strive to make a great diet and exercise regime that we can follow and enjoy.

Despite this, there is one thing we seem to be ignoring ID-10019985when making our perfect diets. There is an amazing concoction that bees produce that we do not pay much attention too. However, this should be included not only in our meals but our natural remedies and treatments as well. What I am talking about is honey. Delicious, nutritious and filled with benefits, it really is a wonder as to why we do not use it as much.

A sweet delight created by bees who have been working diligently collecting the nectar off flowers, honey is just as awesome as sugar and can be used as its healthy ID-100150128substitute. Getting its particular taste from the mix of fructose and glucose, honey can be an amazing mood booster and is used in many different recipes and meals to add a distinct taste and flavor. That is not where its uses end though as many people use this mixture for their skin, hair and more!

The natural home remedies are quite bountiful as well because of the gentle caressing compound that is part of the honey. Just so that you get an idea of all the amazing things you can do and try with honey, here is a list of the most outstanding uses:


  • It is a natural anti-bacterial: Inhibiting the growth of anything harmful and cleaning any open wound, honey is widely recognized when it comes to cuts, burns and scrapes. Before there were alcohol patches and anti-bacterial soaps many folks used honey as an aid for their ailments. It does not have to be an open wound to apply it too. Anywhere filled with bacteria is producing a bad infection such as athlete’s foot can be almost completely cured with the use of this natural compound.
  • It is a great mood booster: Many of us reach out for coffee or tea when facing a long day and in need of an energy surge but have any of us tried using honey? Even in the beverages mentioned before, try substituting the usual sugar with honey instead and see how different things taste and feel. Some think it tastes strange but it really is up to you and what you like and dislike. Nevertheless, its carbohydrates and natural base of glucose is great to wake us up and feel motivated to do anything. There are many different ways to consume it as well so you never get bored. My favorite is definitely toast and honey and warm milk for a great day.


  • It may help prevent and fight cancer: There are many studies and researches suggesting that honey can be an anti-carcinogen and can be a great add-on to the fight against cancer. This effect can of course be different for everyone who tries it but it never hurts to give something so delicious a shot, especially if it helps so much.
  • Honey can fight diseases and sicknesses: Going back to the fact that honey is a natural anti-bacterial, we have to acknowledge that the cleansing and improvement it does in our body and immune system is also quite amazing. Many use it when facing seasonal allergies and other small and uncomfortable conditions. It is most used accompanied with lemon when having to deal with a sore throat. You can consume like that or with water, it really does not matter since the effect is usually the same. Just try it out and see which way you like the most.
  • It’s known for being a natural moisturizer: The skin can be healed and improved with a daily application of honey on it. It really does not matter where it is, the affected area will see a great change when honey is used on it. The most known case is to use it when facing acne or dry skin and it just works wonders. Just put it on and let it sit for 30 minutes. Do this for a couple days and see how much your skin will thank you.
  • It is a great conditioner: If you thought your skin could benefit from honey, you should see what it does for your hair. A natural nutrient filled conditioner; this is bound to make your hair look shiny and amazing without damaging it one bit.

Those are just some of the many things you can try out with honey. I’ve heard it helps with heart conditions and sleeping problems but you can try things out with it and see how it works for you. Just remember to consume it in moderation and balance it along with your diet, giving your body pauses from it and all. It is quite amazing and even devoted honey lovers still do not know of all the secrets and uses it could have. All you have to know though is that it is good for you and it does no harm to see what you can use it in and how it improves your life!

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